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Intelligent Cyber Defense Services for Modern Enterprises

Trusted cybersecurity expertise.
Tailored to your needs.

cDFN 365

Introducing cDFN 365, an all-in-one cybersecurity service package, designed to empower SMEs with year-round protection and ensure a strong security posture against an array of cyber threats including security breaches, unauthorised access, data theft, and compliance violations by proactively identifying and addressing vulnerabilities while maintaining a vigilant watch over an organisation's digital landscape.

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Eliminate Security Blind Spots

Eliminate Security Blind Spots

Businesses often face difficulties in locating modern expertise and cost-effective cyber security services to protect distributed cyber environments. cloudDFN is here to fill the gap by offering intelligent cyber defense services with a human touch.

Armed with security as core DNA, cloudDFN cyber defense services are designed to combat cyber threats and reduce the attack surface.


Identify your assets, vulnerabilities, threats, and impacts.

Prioritize Risks

Eliminate false positives, focus on what matters to you.

Find More

Understand attack surface beyond your environment.

Automatic Remediation

Remediate threats faster, accurately, and more proactively.

cloudDFN Cyber Security Services

Connecting Dots

Are You Ready to Secure Your Business?

Discover security strategies suitable to your business, environment, and future goals with a cloudDFN cyber expert.

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